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Smokin' Scoops -
Our Story

Smokin' Scoops is a forward-thinking, science-fueled sweet spot with a unique approach to ice cream and family fun. We envisioned a destination that appealed to adults as much as kids, a place with modern style and urban sophistication offering an experience that residents usually had to travel to downtown Northampton or the north end of Boston to enjoy. And from that idea, Smokin’ Scoops was born.

“We don't want us to be a traditional ice cream shop, We wanted something completely different. We wanted our ice cream shop to be a place where folks would want to hang out. A place where we would want to go.” The moment you step into Smokin’ Scoops, it’s obvious it isn’t your grandfather’s ice cream parlor. There’s a bar instead of a counter. The overall design is understated and modern, with a tavern feel that invites customers to relax and savor the experience. It’s closer to the sophisticated ambiance of a cool neighborhood coffee shop than a brightly lit, chain ice cream store rushing to get customers out the door before their cones start to drip.

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